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The Episcopal Community Federal Credit Union Seeks Next CEO

2022 is a year of change and growth for the Episcopal Community Federal Credit Union (ECFCU). Tools such as Zelle®, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay are coming online later this Spring, and upgraded mobile and virtual banking platforms are on track to launch this fall. Our members will have access to new virtual and educational services while enjoying the same compassionate support they’ve always received from ECFCU. The next CEO of ECFCU will be charged with leading us into this new future.

At ECFCU, we have already begun imagining who the next CEO will be. Our next CEO will be an enthusiastic and compassionate experienced industry professional with a heart for economic justice and a desire to serve communities in need. They will be creative and imaginative, with experience and knowledge of credit union operations, accounting practices, product offerings and mandatory reporting requirements. They will flourish in a team environment yet work well independently. Together we will work to create a world where access to financial services is available to all people, and where our communities are strengthened. Below is a summary of the key areas of responsibility and experience we are seeking.

  • Administration: Direction and Management of Credit Union Operations, Services, Systems and Staff. Partnership with the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, and a visible presence, actively promoting the credit union throughout the Diocese of Los Angeles and beyond.
  • Policies and Compliance: Ensure policies and procedures are current, followed and in compliance with all regulatory agencies.
  • Systems: Oversight of all systems and cybersecurity to ensure functionality, maintenance, and upgrades, as well as negotiation of contracts and vendor supervision as well as recommendations for needed updates and changes.
  • Personnel: Supervision of credit union staff, including job performance, staff meetings, training & recruitment, conflict management, and recommendations on salary/benefit packages.
  • Lending: Supervision of the loan application process and loan approval and oversight of delinquencies and defaults.
  • Board Collaboration: Attend and report to the Board at monthly and ad hoc meetings, working together on budget development that aligns with our strategic plan. Review investments and provide recommendations; seek, apply for, and acquire grants to support the work of the credit union, as well as capital resources.
  • Business Development: Actively promote the products and services of the credit union, including outreach programs to the community. Foster excellent customer service to achieve the goals of the credit union and build strong and positive relationships with members, churches, diocesan institutions and trade associations. Help to bring the vision of a broader, more diverse, and more geographically wide credit union to fruition.

To be considered for the position, please submit a completed application to opportunities@episcopalcredit.org no later than May 25, 2022.

The Episcopal Community Federal Credit Union is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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